My story

My love for cats began in childhood when my first cat, Luna, became my best friend. Since then, my life has always been surrounded by these graceful, independent, and sometimes mysterious creatures. Over time, I realized that each cat is unique, and choosing a name for them is not just a ritual; it’s a way to express their essence and character.

What I Do
At “CatNamesNet,” I share my knowledge and experience in selecting names for cats. I believe that the right name can enhance the bond between you and your pet, as well as reflect its unique personality. Here, you’ll find name ideas, tips on choosing the right name, and interesting facts about the meanings of various names.
Beyond the Site
When I’m not working on the site, I spend time with my cats, explore new places for walks, or volunteer at a local animal shelter. Every cat I meet inspires me to create new names and stories for the site.
Let’s Connect
I enjoy connecting with other cat lovers and sharing stories about our furry friends. If you have a story about how you chose your cat’s name, or you just want to share a photo of your purring companion, feel free to reach out to me via [contact form on the site/your email].
Thank you for stopping by “CatNamesNet” I hope that together we can find the perfect name for your cat that will bring joy to both you and your pet for many years to come.
Warmly and with purrs,
[Eva ]

“Think about names that are easy to call out.”

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